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Yoshi was born in Osaka.

Yoshi started to listen to music.
He liked to listen to Elvis Presley's songs.
Becouse Yoshi's mothers had been listening with love "Live in Hawaii" at the age of 10, Yoshi joined Marching drums band and he have an interest in percussion.

Yoshi strongly influenced the Japanese music with "new music" boom from the fold at the time of junior high school students.
Chance to see the performance of had appeared in midsummer night of rock concert "GODIEGO" of "Love Saves the Earth 24 hours TV for donating" which had seen while the homework, Four only I have an interest in not instruments of the string.
And go gradually obsessed with the charm of the instrument while you are than listening to what sounds like.

Finally buy a Rickenbacker copy model of Paul McCartney that was longing to high school freshman in the spring.
But it would be sold to a friend by 3 months. But he got new bass guitar .
Japanese guitar-maker Precision bass model-based GRECO, but would still sell to friends.
After that, He joined the band as a guitarist to buy an electric guitar, Even while doing several live to participate in band as best to spear wanted drummer, Activities of the SB-1000 of ARIA-PRO2 as bassist of while using the main also has been carried out in parallel.

After graduating from high school ,he moved his home from Osaka to Tokyo home and started to play with in the R & B band "Pearl Pink".
But Yoshi formed other band called"Modern" The band was trio and played Funk music like P-funk!

Go back to Osaka at the time of the 20-year-old, disbanded immediately by creating a demo sound source will be formed a funk band "FUKURAHAGI(calf)".
Then Yoshi joined rock band suddenly called "Ramblin 'Shot" The band toured allaround Japan but Leave in 1987.

1987-1992 The Truth
In 1987 The Truth released "Dead or Alive" (video).
Koichi Nakayama (v) Youji Shima (g) Yoshihiro Ogasahara (b, syn) Sadayuki Okabe (d)
1992 The truth Broke up
1993 The Thirty Nine
By invited to Toshimitsu old friend Tomita (Ramblin 'Shot) to join the "39 (Thirty Nine)", 1st Album "39" released.
Yasutsugu Morioka (v, ag) Toshimitsu Tomita (g) ​​ Yoshihiro Ogasahara(b) Tadashi Kawakami (d)
This time it means that for a while to enter the illness to break the physical condition, the "39" would also broke up.

1995-2004 The Savoy Truffle
Yoshi joined The Savoy Truffle and recorded a few songs for promotion and started the tour in the following year the United States.

San Francisco - Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego to 5 performances in Las Vegas.

3 performances of San Francisco-Los Angeles.

Takagi Taro (of the original "Soul Flower Union") joined to become the organization of the twin drum.
Monji Kadowaki (v) Toshihiro Sumitomo (g) Yoshihiro Ogasahara (b) Taizo Takafuji (d) Taro Takagi (d) The band begun to have the circuit around the San Francisco.
There home ground was "Cocodore" S.F. San Francisco - Berkeley - Walnut Creek - Los Angeles.
1st Album "To The Higher Ground" release.

San Francisco-Haight Ashbury - Los Angeles performances. 2nd Album "The Savoy Truffle" release.

3rd Album "Live On Our Way" was released.

1 week of performances in Shanghai "Ark".

The entry to the Sweden Rock Festival that becomes the first Japanese.
The performance at the Atlanta Music Conference of the main stage. This I begin to tour in Europe from time.
5 showes of Germany - Italy - Czech Republic. French Southern rock magazine to become impressive first place in the reader best bass players department of popular vote of "Band Of Dixie".
4th Album "Take me to the sky and fly" release.

Taro turned to percussion. Jerez de Frontier ~ Baruzerona - Madrid (Spain) - Parker Sea (Austria).
5th Album "Road House Boogie" was released.
After the tour Monji left the band and broke up.

2005-2010 Bluestone Company
Bluestone Company formed in the rest of the members of The savoy truffle.
Acoustic unit Sumi-Oga formation (Sumitomo Toshihiro (g, v) Yoshihiro Ogasahara (g, b, v)).

Bluestone company meet great guitarist Chris duarte and form new band.
Chris Duarte & Bluestone Company 1st Japan tour.
Chris Duarte & Bluestone Company "Live at enn" (DVD) release.
U.S.A tour start.
Bluestone Company 1st Album "Bluestone Company" release.

Bluestone Company featuring Chris Duarte, appeared invited to Sweden Rock Festival.
Second time of U.S.A tour, Japan tour.

Third of U.S.A tour, Japan tour. And recording the album in the San Francisco suburb after USA tour end.
Bluestone Company 2nd Album "Supernatural Delight" release.
Yoshi played with Japanese legendary Rock Band "Mentanpin"for there reunion.

Chris Duarte & Bluestone Company "396" was released.
4 time of Japan tour.
Takagi Taro left band. Bluestone Company Japan tour start became trio.

Chris Duarte & Bluestone Company 2 and half months USA ~ Japan tour. Bluestone Company Broke up.
2010 Solo
Yoshi composed a1 song for Takashi Yoshida's solo album "Sakura Garden", he played bass, 12 strings guitar.
Blues singer Nacomi Tanaka "Kingyo no Swampie".

Japan tour in trio with Yosuke Miyake G Jun Itakura D. Krubellablinka 1st album.
Japanese blues guitarist ichiro "Circle Scale" ichiro "Circle scale Live" Dvd&Cds.
Yoshi play for "Rock 'n' roll Gold Rush 2011 Live Diamond Yukai."
The Savoy Truffle perform live restart Sendai - Yokohama to release the CD.

The Savoy Truffle perform live in Osaka and release the DVD.
Raven OtaniG (Marino)Rikiya Higashihara Ds (NANIWA Express) and formed the Jazz Rock trio "Tsutenkaku Brothers".
Trio The Collagens Raven Otani G Roger Takahashi Ds (X-RAY / THE SONS / THE 卍) Join all around japan tour about 50 gigs with ichiro.
US-Japan tour with Chris Duarte Group.

Shrimpheads Yoshihiro Matsuura, Muneyuki Kamimoto, Roger Takahashi Blues Guitarlist Sano Masaru Join David Ralston Band.
Join all around japan tour about 30 gigs with ichiro.
Chris Duarte Group Live Album release, CDG had 14 gigs in Japan.
Trio The Collagens had Japan tour and performed about 20 gigs .
George Tanaka 1st album in "Disillusion" Raven Otani G Tetsuya Kudo Ds.(Night Hawks).
Join in the guy Hiroshi band Monsieur & Tiguriganzu Mr. Hiroshi Kamayatsu V,Take Yokouchi G, (tensaw) Grico Tomioka (tensaw),

Shrimpheads 1st Album "We are traveling" release.
Mr. "Dynamite" YAMAZEN and Z-Ryders YAMAZEN V, Hiroyuki Hanada (The Roosterz) Tam (So-on-ji) Roger Takahashi,

Yoshiyuki Takuma Vib/ Siiya Brown G/Masakazu Tangiku Ds&Per


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